Sunday, January 19, 2014

Audacious church sermon #2

The pastor talked about expectations and limitations. Here are some little take-aways I wanted to write down so I wouldn't forget them forever.

-He talked about God qualifying the called, not calling the qualified

-So when we second guess what God may be telling us to do, we are limiting him

-Our limitations bock us from God's expectations

-Don't tell God how big ur problems are, tell ur problems how big God is

Corey, don't ever forget how big your God is. When you feel he is calling you to something, never say you can't do it. It is because of your downfalls that God can use you. Through your weakness He will be seen. Dream Big, and then remember your God is bigger. And when a day comes that he answers with a No, or a Not Yet, just remember that He is God and you are not. When Job lost all he had and then saw God, he realized that God was enough for him. Amen.

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