Saturday, July 27, 2013

My attempt at being artsy

So at Camp Cow they had a door with a bunch or pictures from style and muscle magazines and all that. Then the door had Psalm 100 written over the pictures. The idea was that we turned the world into it being all about us, but then God wrote over what we did to the world and took it back for himself. Through Jesus, our sins and shortcoming have been written over. He has made us new; everything we were is washed away because Jesus has overcome. So this is my version. The words are from "Take Heart" by Hillsong United.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

There are so many different qualities of God that make him beyond remarkable; but tonight I am in awe of how steadfast he is. My buddy from Calvin was telling me about how sad it is to invest in relationships and then have them end in a matter of a conversation. He is completely right, worldly relationships are flawed and they break like twigs under our feet, but the beautiful truth is that our LORD is never changing, and that his love is relentless! Seriously guys, we need to invest in the one person that will never stop loving us and perusing us. And we don't have to put our lives together before he is ready for us, he wants us now. No matter what condition our hearts and lives are in, he wants us right hear, right now. We were never made to walk alone, lets make our right hand man the one who will never stop caring for us no matter where we go. Then, when we are ready, we need to follow him where he wants us to go.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

You know guys, God opens doors and he most definitely closes doors. Sometimes it really hurst but we can get through it. I'm okay because my trust is in that God who is in charge of those doors, it just really sucks sometimes.