Friday, July 29, 2011


My friend Danny came home from his mission trip to Romania recently. He told me everything that happened because he was so fired up. His team of ten people saved 173 Romanians, over 50 of them spoke in tongues while others were healed. Now I've heard all about miracles and I totally believe in them but i wish stuff like that could happen to me! I guess I say all this to tell you and myself NEVER to limit our God. Really, how often do we actually put our faith into practice?! If a mustered seed of faith can move a mountain and my friend can perform miracles, I can believe that My God is everything he says he is :) all it takes is a little faith.


So is anyone scared for college? I bet because I am too. I have a lot of feelings about it but scared is one of them. I don't understand why I am but I guess it's only natural. Infact I think it's kinda silly. I would think that as loved children of God we would be more confident. Think of it, God has gotten us this far, he has never abandoned us before so why would he now? He promises that he has good plans for us. If he provides for the birds he will certainly provide for us. Idk about you but My God is all powerful, all knowing, the strongest fortress yet the most comforting song. I am loved and cared for and that isn't going to change. My best advise to survive college: never be alone...and I think I found my partner.

I can't remember a day so bad I wanted it to be over. I love life

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Alaska was pretty cool but maybe a few days too long. I was definitely ready to be back home. My family and I did tons of fun activities but the one thing that impacted me the most was our waiter at dinner on the cruise. His name was Zaldy and he was from the Philippines. He works on the ship because there is no work at home. He works for 9 months without a day off and goes home for 3 months to see his wife and 2 kids. I can't imagine a life like that! He worked so hard for us but had this quiet love to him. Ya I know he'll never think of my family again but he showed us this love I was not expecting to receive. He, as well as all the other workers, worked so hard but were still so thankful just to have a job. I don't have to support a family or work 9 months without a day off but somehow they had appreciation I don't yet understand. So thanks Zaldy for the beautiful example of a servants heart as well as some really good dinners :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ok so here is some interesting news. My roommate for next year, who already made the soccer team and went to orientation, told me something. Apparently he wont be going to Calvin this fall!!!! I guess he couldn't get the money and instead is going to a community college near his house. This sucks because now idk who my roommate is gunna be!!!!!! I feel like he might be joking tho. aaaahhhhh IDK! i hope it's a joke

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This summer has been a ton of fun. I love working a little, gettin my workout in and hanging out with my friends every night. The only thing that could make it better is if I got to see all of them sometime this summer. But over all this summer rocks and def one of the best :) Another thing that makes it awesome is that klove has some really good songs playing! Oh, and tonight was a gorgeous summer night.