Monday, January 30, 2012

Plane Rides

Plane Rides are great for thinking. I went to Vail and the trip consumed my thoughts but when I was finally in the air and on my way, my mind was back to wondering. Unfortunately the first think that came to mind was summer. Summer sounds great but it comes with a lot of decisions. When do I work, where do I work, do I go to Costa Rica with the soccer team, crap I have to train...hard, what car do I get? Too much to think about on a plane ride to Colorado I think. But then again, what else is a plane ride for?

ps. Vail was beyond amazing. Too awesome to write about via blog.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fight Club

So a few weeks ago a lot of guys and I were watching the movie "Fight Club." I hear it's a really good movie but it made me really mad. idk I guess I would rather just watch a funny movie or something but it got me thinking...It was about regaining control of your life. Funny because that is what we as Christian are supposed to hand to God. Just remember to put your life fully in His hands and commit to His plans for you, whatever they may be.

p.s. I have a long weekend so I'm flying out to Colorado with my dad and we are gonna grab Brent and show Vail what up. IM PUUUMMMPPPEDDD!!!!!!!! I don't think anyone still reads this but if you do your awesome :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

All of January everyone at Calvin only has one class so we have all day to do whatever we want. Last week I was walking comfortable outside with shorts and a T-shirt but that didn't stop me from going snowboarding. However, we finally got snow and I'm pumped! Im strapping on my board and not planing to take it off until April :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I was bored so naturally i put on my Selena Gomez pandora station and looked through all my fb pics. I love the people what were and are in my life.

Repeating faces: Betsy, Maddie, Camden, Arce, Allison, Geanna, Elise, Jenna, Pizzello

Awesome Places: TJ, DR, SF, Roca. I love church trips