Monday, July 20, 2009

Have you ever experianced true happyness?

Have you ever jumped so heigh you thought you would never land?

Have you ever ran so fast that houses go by each blink?

Have you ever shouted for joy so loud that all your neighbors come out?

Have you ever said "Oh my God!" and actually ment it?

Well get ready because I have a secret for you...

You have a seat next to the author of forgivness with your name on it waiting for you to arrive!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So...Im having a really hard time right now. i guess I should be thanks full cus my life rocks compared to so many others but im kinda sad right now.

The only place I used to love going to was church. I loved my friends and they loved me back. The best part was that we always were so happy to see each other! But wow, things really do change. Questions we all hate talking about, espectially w/ the one's we love, come up like..."Am I different?", or "I'm mature right?". But things have changed and it kinda stinks. I have been putting on my fake smile at church for the past 6 months and i'm sick of it. Idk why im so unhappy there now. i guess it's because I feel like I have to pretend nothing has changed.
News flash...just becuase ur older doesn't meen ur more mature. Yeah I guess temptations are hard to say no to, but if there was anything ever worth working hard for, it is the LORD.
The only thing I can do is pray and pray and pray. I just wish God would hurry this one up. But I guess this is something worth waiting for. I know the Lord answers prayer so all I can do now is wait!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Ode To A Good Friend

What do I do now?
Father so many things have torn me down.
I used to be the one on top, the one with the crown.
But ever since..then..I can't even eat.
Can I still show your love to everyone I meet?
I know hard times come and go...
But Lord, what are you trying to show?
Am I called to learn from this,
Or am I called to forgive and forget?
Father whatever I do,
I promis to keep my eyes on you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

So lets talk about what really matters.
The opposite gender : )
What do all of these have in common?
They all come and go, drift away, part ways, lose interest, fall apart, go out of style.
Eventually they all end but the LORD will always remain.
All this world will pass but the LORD will always be. Even when we are the ones doing the drifting.
So God, I was born into sin. I suffer because of something that happened years ago in a garden. Sure I have sinned a countless number of times and no; I don't deserve salvation. But why was I never given a chance? I'm called to live as Christ did, but it's impossible. Salvation would mean so much more to me if I had messed it up myself. But I never even got a chance. So the question still remains...If we are called to live a sinless life, why did God make it impossible?
My porpose is to love, serve, live for you, glorify, show, listen, give, be your hands and feet.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Jealousy destroys...
LoveJealousy destroys me.
In your presence God,
Your love is all I feel.
Your arm embrace,
Has the power to heal.
Because you are my LORD,
I surrender myself, my sward.
To be your hands and feet,
Lord God wash over me.
I'm so sick of Judging.
I'm so sick of trying.
I'm so sick of caring.
I'm so sick of bad choices.
I'm so sick of words that hurt.
I'm so sick of being the best.
I'm so sick of wanting.
I'm so sick of lusting.
I'm so sick of jealousy.
I'm so sick of falling.
I'm so sick of being fake.
I'm so sick of not listening.
I'm so sick of not thinking.
I'm so sick of jokes taken too far.
I'm so sick of hurting others.
I'm so sick of not being there.
I'm so sick of knowing and not doing.
I'm so sick of bragging.
I'm so sick of pretending.
I'm so sick of no compaction
I'm so sick of destroying.
So why do I continue to do it?
I know a man that loves you.
I know a man that cares about you.
I know a man that knows more about you than you ever will.
I know a man that knows all of your darkest secrets.
I know a man that rejoices when he sees you do something right.
I know a man that weeps for you when you get lost.
And I know a man that throws a pretty sweet party for you when you are found.
His name is Jesus Christ and he longs to have a relationship with you.
Forgiveness never quits.
It heals.
It refreshes.
It rejuvenates.
It is exactly what I need.
Forgiveness does not stop.
Father you knew what I needed most.
You not only answer prayer,
You answer what I truly need.
You know me deeper than I ever will.
Father you have made yourself known in my life.
My prayer is that you will give my family the joy to show your love.
I know you will answer,
I just don't know how.
Father to...
Father to fall before you in humility is an honor.
Father to worship you alone is a blessing.
Father to talk about you is a miracle.
Father to show your love is the reason I live.
Father to listen to you is beyond my dreams.
Father to know you is incomprihendable.
Father thank you.
Thank you for your Love.
Thank you for your Kindness.
Thank you for your Guidance.
Thank you for your Mercy.
Thank you for your Timing.
Thank you for your Healing.
Thank you for your Forgiveness.
Thank you for your Presence.
Father thank you.
Father I'm ready to take the next step.
I need to run to you because you are running to me.
I need to keep you in my mind as I'm in the hallways.
I need to show your love in simple ways such as smiling.
There needs to be something different from me and everyone else at TC.Father I need you in my everyday.
Cry out to the Lord for he is the one who saves,
The King of Kings Prince of Peace,
Cry out for he will listen.
Cry out because he loves you,
He doesn't have to but he loves you because he loves you.
Cry out because he cares about his relationship with you.
Cry out because he answers when you do.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So...I thought it would be lame to have a blog. But...yeah. now i do i guess. The reason i got this is cus a have some cool stuff writen down and i dont want to loose it all. So why not put it on the web?