Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How do you Worship Grow and Serve?

This is one of the many questions I had to answer when I was filling out my application for being an intern at ccob. This one in particular stuck out to me because I didn't know how to answer it. I feel like I'm usually pretty good at selling myself and showing my good side but this question bypasses the assuring smile I've grown fond of and asks you if you are who you say you are. Dang. Worship: I go to church. Grow: I do a bible study and commit to pray for all my friends. Serve: um.....well.....that one time I picked up this persons book...That answer doesn't cut it and it really showed me that I am doing relatively nothing to share Gods love beyond being nice to people every once in a while.
SO, this year I am changing that. I am helping lead a high school small group with a church up here, and I am volunteering at a few places so that I can get a feel for where God can use me best. Today I helped middle school boys in the city do their homework because no one else will help them. This friday I am handing out towels at a homeless shelter downtown to the homeless that need to take a shower. I feel the need to serve this year, and I hope that doesn't go away.

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